ACS Canberra Branch Annual Conference

ACS Canberra Branch Annual Conference

Theme is " Artificial Intelligence (Al) and the Future of Work"

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The conference theme of “AI and the Future of Work” autonomous technology responds to the autonomous technology. Autonomous vehicles are one obvious implementation of “artificial intelligence”  but other more subtle examples are emerging. Google’s translate is now using artificial intelligence to provide significantly improved translations. Smartphones have “intelligent assistants” (e.g. Apple's Siri, or Microsoft's Cortana) and recent in-home products use similar technology (e.g. Amazon’s Alexa). Recent announcements from Japan describe hotels staffed (almost) entirely by robots driven by artificial intelligence. Other services are on offer too; e.g. for personal appointment scheduling.

The conference will focus on how these new technologies might move into the work environment supplementing and supporting the work of ICT professionals, and perhaps eventually replacing them.

Streams and topics are: Technology; Security; Data management; Leadership; the Future of Work; Analysis and Design; Education; Ethics and professionalism.

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